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2023 Board Election

Meet your 2023 APNS Board Nominees

For the 2023 election year each professional category will have  two positions up for election, 1 one year term and 1 two year term. 

All APNS members will be eligible to vote. A voting form will be sent to the registered email that the APNS member has registered with.

Voting for the 2023 election will open on March 26th, 2023 to April 1st, 2023.
APNS will announce the newly elected APNS Board on April 4th, 2023.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Megan Stewart

2 Year

Hello, my name is Megan Stewart. I have been working as a LPN in the SHA since 2015 after graduating
from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I am very passionate about nursing, healthcare, education and the
progress I hope we can achieve in working together in our professional practice. I have practiced in
many different areas work environments such as long term care, dementia care, geriatric rehab,
orthopedics, postpartum nursing, neurology and the covid testing center. I believe in the importance of
creating balance and a safe, open and honest environment so that we can survive, and even thrive, in
our professions together. In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing sports (like volleyball and curling),
playing video games, and spending time with my husband and our cats. I hope to be a knowledgeable
and friendly face to bring forward ideas and concerns, as well as to help foster relationships between the
nursing professions.

Wolana Fox

2 Year

I think this is awesome!!! I believe it's about time that the nursing profession as a whole came together and started acting as a group! I'm so excited for this next step to unite nurses!!

Darla Rugland.jpg

Darla Rugland

2 Year

Hello my name is Darla Rugland I live on an acreage just outside of Yorkton Saskatchewan with my husband and two sons. I have been an LPN since 2004. I started my career in rural Saskatchewan then worked as an LPN in Alberta for ten years and was fortunate to be able to return to my Saskatchewan roots.  I have been employed at Yorkton Regional Health Center since 2013. I have had the opportunity to work in multiple departments. My passion is acute medicine which I have been employed on for the past three years.

I have seen many changes over my career some positive some not so positive. I am so excited to be part of the APNS. This is a ground breaking opportunity to focus on the diversity of our professions but to also come together for the greater good of our professions, our patients and healthcare as a whole. I believe that together we can make a positive strong future for our profession.

Samantha Bear

1 Year

I would like to be more involved. Eventually become in a position of change and leadership. Especially for my own people (Indigenous).


Registered Psychiatric Nurse


Chantal Scott

2 Year

As I am well into my 7th year as a registered psychiatric nurse, I believe more every day that nursing is truly a beautiful profession: not always glamorous: definitely never easy. But, finding my purpose in serving some of the most vulnerable people in our community quickly became my purpose, and gives me daily meaningful work that I have grown to love deeply.  In my experience, I have held positions in acute psychiatry both with adults and children, have been an ECT bedside nurse and practiced interventions with ketamine. I have experience in emergency room psychiatry, and have worked in the community both in urban and rural positions. 


I chose to peruse my Master’s degree in psychotherapy following the completion of my psychiatric nursing degree: I wanted to further my education outside of the medical field, to broaden my understanding of holistic health care. 


As every coin has 2 sides, so does the crisis our healthcare system is currently in. Nurses in all departments are suffering greatly - from the demands of the job, the reality that even when we feel overworked and are suffering from compassion fatigue and burnout, we feel the guilt of not being there to support our coworkers, and to not be at the bedside of our deserving patients who depend on us to be there. This is a deep and concerning issue as nurses, who need to be well and attentive to their work, deserve to be cared for too. 


Having a platform with the APNS is a honour to advocate for the best practice-standards of care we provide every patient in Saskatchewan, to not only treat diseases, but to allow our community members a greater quality of life. I am very much looking forward to working with the APNS and the Government of Saskatchewan in the reform that needs to take place for the wellbeing of all community members: patients and nurses alike.

Leslie Gamble

2 Year

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Leslie Gamble, I am self motivated, enthusiastic individual who is passionate about my profession. I am proud to identify as a First Nations from the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. I am actively a Registered Psychiatric Nurse; my regulatory body is the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS) since June 2011 after obtaining a baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, (BScN) from the University of Saskatchewan. I presently reside in my home community in Muskeg Lake Cree Nation where I am the Integrated Wellness Nurse since February 2022. 

In my 11+ years as a nurse I have always been adventurous, sought out challenging opportunities and I love meeting new people. I have been honored to have many work experiences in various settings such as Acute psychiatry, Forensic psychiatry, Correctional, Community, Home Care, LTC, Northern Nursing (Nunavut) and other roles, such as Patient and Family Center Care Lead, Mentorship, Preceptorship. Furthermore,  I also have experience in leadership roles as a local Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN local 63) as co president and Council (Member at large) member for the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan, (RPNAS) and continue to serve on council.

I find nothing more fulfilling than returning to my home community as the integrated wellness nurse. Where I can be the change agent that fosters cultural recovery while incorporating western medicine practice. Combining the two worldviews has been humbling. I say, exciting times for my community and me!

I want to thank the Association of Professional Nurses of Saskatchewan  for the opportunity to participate in the nomination process and if elected - I look forward to brining my unique perspective to the Association of Professional Nurses of Saskatchewan. 

Leslie Gamble_edited.jpg

Registered Nurse

face shot of Mel Martin.jpg

Melanie Martin

2 Year

Prior to becoming an RN in 2005, I was a special care aide at Pioneer Village. I have been a RN for 17 years now, still employed at the RGH Emergency Department and now also at Healthline since 2021. I was also casually employed on the Surgical/Burn unit for 8 years during my career.

 I have always loved frontline work, and I know firsthand the essential role nurse as advocate plays in our profession. The role of advocate is broad - we must be advocates for our profession, for our clients, for ourselves personally, and for our community as a collective.

I value strong work ethic, and I believe hard work must be appropriately compensated for and needs to be reflected in working conditions and wages. Every voice has value and every voice is worthy of being heard. It’s imperative to have strong voices representing this unified health care professional organization. A strong voice will ensure we are heard and that the collective hard work of every nurse in this province is acknowledged. I endeavor to be that voice.

I grew up a twin in a family of 5 children on a farm. While I value hard work, family and work life balance is very important to me. “Work to live, don’t live to work” is a motto I strive for. Work hard – but always remember your priorities. Family always comes first in my household, but it is easier said than done given the tremendous pressure facing our profession. Hence why the role of advocate is crucial. We must strive collectively to achieve that balance and find reprieve from the all too common burn-out we face. This is why I have such passion for the role as advocate – it is a powerful tool within our possession we must not underutilize to achieve that balance we so desperately need. 

 I am a busy mom to two young boys. I enjoy camping, playing piano, and Friday night tradition of pizza, popcorn and movie.

Leah Clement

2 Year

Leah Clement is a Registered Nurse with over 30 yrs of healthcare experience. She currently is
employed with Indigenous Services Canada in the capacity of Acting Nurse in Charge & Communicable
Disease Coordinator for the South SK Region.

Leah brings 20 plus years of senior and executive leadership experience in many sectors including
Nursing Leadership/Administration, Primary Health Care, Long Term Care, Community Care, Quality
Improvement & Risk Management, Telehealth and Acute Care/Diagnostic Services as well as many years
in front line service delivery. Her employment opportunities have allowed her to work in
northern/remote and southern rural/urban areas across the province of Saskatchewan with all age
groups from newborn to seniors and in diverse cultures and populations.

Leah holds a baccalaureate degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, the designation of
Certified Health Executive (CHE) from the Canadian College of Health Leaders and a Chartered Director
(C.Dir) designation from McMaster University, DeGroote School of Business.

She has participated in four health system accreditation surveys, leading two in a large northern
Saskatchewan health region and one with a focus in urban long term care and has recently qualified to
survey for Accreditation Canada across Canada.

Leah has been active in the College or Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS), participating on the
Awards Committee and most recently the Discipline Committee. In addition, Leah served as Director for
one term on the Board of Conexus Credit Union.

Leah Head shot.jpg

Janelle Schentag

2 Year

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2006. I graduated from the NEPS program in Regina and began working at the Pasqua Hospital on General Surgery soon thereafter. After a couple of years, I moved to Cardiosciences at the General Hospital and then later the Mother/Baby Unit. Now I am the Lead Faculty for the Practical Nursing Program at Dumont Technical Institute. I am also working on my Master of Nursing thesis right now, looking at the impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian Acute Nurses. I am passionate about nursing as a profession and I have had a wide variety of nursing experiences to draw from including surgery, maternity, education, and now research as well. I would love the chance to contribute to the voice of nursing in this province.

Janelle Peet

1 Year

Janelle Peet has been a Registered Nurse for 18 years.  Her nursing experience includes Medicine, ENT, Convalescence, Public Health (immunizations) and expertise in Maternal services.  Since 2015 she has taught with the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program.

Janelle holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University  of Saskatchewan, a master’s degree in nursing from Athabasca University, CNA Certification in Perinatal Nursing and Nurse Educator Certification through CASN. Janelle is active in research to develop fair assessments and determine impact of evaluations on nursing students. 

Janelle is an advocate for lifelong learning and proper mentorship and support for nurses to allow them to provide safe and competent care for the people of Saskatchewan. 


Cheryl Dew

1 Year

To help provide safe patient care with a cohesive team! Hopefully with representatives from each discipline we might come together enough to assist in solving the healthcare crisis we are in right now.

Nicole Van Noord

2 Year

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing Degree.  Registered Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Advanced Perioperative RN certificate.  Owner of Dedicated: Foot Care since August 2016 in Regina, SK. Currently self-employed as a foot care nurse.  

unnamed (1).png

Nurse Practitioner


Melanie Penner

1 Year

To further advocate for the nursing profession and be a representative of the RN and NP communities.

President Elect

Lisa Plank

1 Year

I feel strongly about developing a professional organization in Saskatchewan, and am interested in systemic transformation of our healthcare system.

Lisa Plank
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